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The supplement works by treating the root cause of canker sores, not just the symptoms, because it helps regulate your immune system’s production of TNF-α, the protein that causes them.

After reading the recent studies on TNF-α, cobalamin, and canker sores, I began testing cobalamin on myself, at various dosages. After a little over 6 weeks, I stopped getting canker sores.

I added another supplement that had shown positive results in the past and the combination kept me completely canker sore free for a year.

And when I stopped taking it – they came right back.

If you’re wondering why I stopped taking it, it’s because I was running a blog where I tested canker sore treatments. And I wasn’t getting any canker sores. The weirdest life problem I’ve ever had.

I decided to create this supplement because after testing treatments for 3 years (but really, all my life), I’ve never found another product that attacks the actual cause of canker sores, instead of only treating the symptom. This is the only canker sore treatment in the world based off this recent research into cobalamin and TNF-α.

And I truly believe it has the potential to offer millions of people a lifetime of relief from the “curse” of canker sores.

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