Does it really work? I mean... Really?

In university studies, the ingredients in The Canker Sore Solution completely eliminated canker sores in 74% of those studied. So, yes, it works on most people. But we offer a 2-month trial to see if you’re one of them. If you’re in the unlucky minority, you pay nothing.

How much is it, and how often will I get it?

Packages are delivered – and billing occurs – every 2 months. Each billing cycle is $40 (It comes out to $20/month).

When will my first box arrive?

We ship all our packages at the same time every month – after the 22nd. If you sign up before the 22nd, you’ll get that month’s box. If you sign up after the 22nd, you’ll get next month’s box (and will not be billed on the 1st). You will get an email with a tracking number when your box ships.

Is it really risk-free?

When you sign up for a Cankerboy membership, you get 2 months to try the pill and see if it works for you. At the end of 2 months, if you don’t see a difference, you can cancel your subscription, and get your money back. If you don’t cancel, you’ll continue receiving monthly packages (and living a life without pain and all that stuff).

I thought canker sores were caused by herpes.

Nope. Common misconception. If you get blisters on your lips, those are cold sores, not canker sores, and those are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus. If you get canker sores inside your mouth that don’t start out as blisters, this is for you.

Are there any negative side effects?

The ingredients are all natural and not known to cause any side effects. You could experience a boost in energy – much like a B12 shot – so it’s better to take in the morning than at night.

But I was always told it was herpes.

Yeah, we’ve all heard that. But it’s not herpes, it’s your immune system.

Can I buy the supplement without signing up for a subscription?

At the moment, no.

This is a brand new product with a brand new company, and the subscription model keeps things simple while we get our feet underneath us. Plus, it’s beneficial to members to just receive packages once a month, instead of having to remember to order new bottles. We like to think it’s better for everyone.

What’s in the supplement?

The Cankerboy supplement is a combination of two vitamins known to regulate the immune system and promote cell growth – L-Lysine and Cobalamin (Vitamin B12).

What if I miss a day, should I take 2 the next day?

No, keep rollin. Just don’t make it a habit to miss too much, obviously. One pill a day is all you need. If you get too far behind, you can always pause your subscription while you catch up.

But I also have herpes, so that’s what causes it, right?

Again. No.

Any time your immune system is triggered, it can make it go haywire and overproduce TNF-α, which leads to canker sores. That’s why many people get canker sores when they first get sick. When herpes flares up, it also triggers the immune system, which can bring about the canker sores. You just happen to be unlucky enough to have both conditions at the same time. You have my sympathies.

Are there any conditions related to canker sores that this won’t help?


Certain conditions like Crohn’s Disease, Bechet’s Syndrome, and AIDS often cause significant canker sores. These lie outside the typical spectrum of canker sore origins, so it’s unknown if this product will help. But, again, we’ll refund your money if it doesn’t.

So… Herpes?

I know where you live.

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