Nostradamus of the mouth

Yesterday I posted on how my ulcers seem to come and go on a cycle – in other words, they all show up at once and disappear at once.  They usually seem to be on 10-day cycles.  So I’m [...]


Riding the waves

If there’s any one certain conclusion I can make after tracking my craters of unholy pain, it’s this. RAS comes in waves. I have on cycles, and I have off cycles.  When I’m [...]


The downside of experimenting

I think this website may have been my calling.  RAS is my curse, but maybe my blessing… I may be the perfect person to be writing this blog and doing this project because I get canker sores [...]


Tracking is a must

There’s a certain type of person who tracks and records everything they eat and every pill they take, every workout they perform, etc.  Some would call them meticulous.  Some [...]

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