I told you it’s not herpes…

I’ve been saying it over and over on this website.  It’s practically my personal mantra at this point.  In fact, if there was one single myth I want to bust more than any other with [...]


Trading pain for pain

Last year, I had the unbelievable luck to get a kidney stone.  It was awesome. And by awesome, I mean something that made me pray for sweet death. I’d never had one before, and it felt [...]


What’s the real question?

As I look around the internet for blogs, articles, and whatnot about this subject, I keep running into treatments.  A plethora of seemingly crazy things to do to minimize the pain of these ulcers [...]


To stress or not to stress

Along with being a lifelong connoisseur of RAS, I also have the pleasure of being wrapped in a layer of skin that does not respond favorably to the sun.  That’s a more eloquent way of [...]

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