I’ve Got An Ulcer. So Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Has this ever happened to you?

You get an ulcer, maybe just inside your lips, maybe on your tongue, and a few days in you notice as you’re eating something that one of your teeth is really sensitive. Maybe it even feels a little loose – or is that just your imagination?

What the hell is happening!?

What's happening

Worry not – you’re not falling apart. You’re just experiencing an acute phase reaction; the body’s inflammation response to trauma, which is the very cause of your canker sores in the first place.

The purpose of inflammation as part of your body’s immune system is to rush blood – filled with all its bacteria-fighting and tissue-repairing goodness – to the scene of the trauma, to get healing started right away.

Blood Vessel

Here I come to save the DAAAAY!

That’s what causes it to swell – all the blood rushing in under the surface.

But your body’s not perfect, so the acute phase response doesn’t just affect the immediate area of the trauma, it affects all over the body, usually more so in the general region of the trauma. Which is why the same inflammation that’s trying to fix that monster on your tongue is now inflaming the nerves in your teeth, which can make them more sensitive.

It’s not unheard of for your lymph nodes to swell and get more sensitive as well, leading to throat tenderness. There have been times that I found I couldn’t lean on my hand while sitting at my desk because my mandibular nerve was swollen (there is an area along your cheekbone known as the submandibular ganglia, which can often swell and become painful).
So what can you do about it? Well, for immediate pain relief, you’re pretty much stuck with good ol’ ibuprofen. It’ll help curb the pain, but also serves as an anti-inflammatory to help bring the swelling down.

For a longer-term solution, the best thing to do is to prevent the acute phase reaction from happening in the first place. And that means regulating your body’s production of acute phase proteins like interleukins and TNF-a.

This is the basis behind The Cankerboy Pill, which you can find more about on our website HERE.

So whether it’s your tooth that’s decided to join in the misery or your cheekbone and neck, just pop a few ibuprofens and wait it out, it’ll all be back to normal soon enough. No need to make that emergency call to your dentist.


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