To Begone or Not Begone? My Review of Canker Sores Begone.

Canker Sores Begone is popular, but does it work?  I put it to the test.

In the world of canker sore treatments, few are as popular as Canker Sores Begone.  This bottled concoction of natural herbs and soothing oils has won over a small army of devoted followers for its habit of healing canker sores within 1-3 days.

Here are just some of the accolades:

Perhaps even more impressive is that this wonderdrug was not developed by a large pharmaceutical company, but by a regular person just like you and me, Robin Barr, who stumbled on a solution in her home, and when she found herself out of work, turned it into a business that has thrived for 20 years now.  Pretty impressive.

She tells her story here:

So I decided to give it a try.


Unpacking Canker Sores Begone

Canker Sores Begone comes in a white plastic bottle with a drip nozzle on top.  It’s small and compact and easy to canker sores begone packagingcarry around, though it can be a bit bulky for a pocket.  I didn’t see any leakage in the lid, which is always a good thing.

Now, I’ll just come out and say it, this isn’t my favorite form factor, and I said the same thing about it when I reviewed Canker-Rid, another natural canker sore remedy that uses a similar (if not exactly the same) bottle.  I carry everything in my pockets, so the slimmer and softer the better for me, but obviously if you carry a purse or a bag, this isn’t an issue.

I also have some issues with this type of bottle because liquid solutions can be difficult to apply, especially on ulcers at the top of your mouth (unless you can hang upside down).  It pretty much requires you to have a cotton swab nearby to do the job, and if the solution is too liquid, it will simply soak into the cotton and not do anything to the ulcer. (I should note that isn’t the case with Canker Sores Begone – it’s thick enough to apply with a cotton swab.)

I’m all about keeping things simple, and the easier to apply the better.  So again with Canker Sores Begone, much like Canker-Rid, it’s easy to apply to ulcers at the bottom of the mouth, but you have to get a little creative with the ulcers on the upper mouth.

Taste/texture of Canker Sores Begone

If there’s one thing (and there are many) that I could praise Canker Sores Begone for, it’s the taste and experience of using it.

It comes out clear, and the thickness of a light syrup, and has a nice, minty, sweet taste to it.  It quickly coats the ulcer and – best of all – doesn’t really sting.

Pretty much immediately, it soothes and cools the ulcer, almost like placing a cold wet rag on a sunburn.  The effect lasts for several minutes, depending on where in the mouth it’s located, and the pain and soreness is lessened for hours afterward.

The only downside is that being a liquid, it doesn’t exactly stay in one spot for long.  It rubs off and/or gets washed away in your mouth fairly quickly.  So the medicine does its job quickly and needs reapplying throughout the day, but with regular application, you’ll have quite a bit less pain and suffering.

The results of Canker Sores Begone

So here’s where I have to parse words a little bit.

The reviews I’ve read on Canker Sores Begone say that it helps to clear up canker sores in 1-3 days.  And while I can honestly say that using it helped my ulcers to feel better, it didn’t give me these kinds of results.  I tried it on a couple of ulcers and they both lasted over 7 days, which is a pretty normal duration for me.

But clearly this is not the case for everybody who uses it, because it has such a strong following and has been a very successful medication.  And it’s not surprising.  Everybody’s canker sores are different and respond to different medicines.  Just because I didn’t get those results doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Ironically, I was contacted by the creator, Robin Barr, right when I was in the middle of testing it out (it’s not that much of a coincidence, I had contacted her previously to tell her that her product would be in my ebook, No Pain, Your Gain.).  She said that some people don’t respond as well to Canker Sores Begone, especially those with food allergies and ulcers due to vitamin deficiencies.

This is why they offer a 100% money back guarantee on their website.  So you can try it, and if you’re just one of those people like me who it doesn’t do it for, you can get your money back.

It’s a surprisingly honest and ethical way to run a business that should be commended.

The future of Canker Sores Begone

What’s even more interesting, is in my conversations with Ms. Barr, she let it slip that she is working on a new formula for Canker Sores Begone, one that actually addresses some of my main critiques of the product – a more pocket-friendly packaging, and a thicker gel-like paste that sticks to the sore for longer than the current liquid (and probably easier to apply).

She actually sent me a small sample of the new product (what can I say… I’m kind-of a big deal) and let me test it out, and honestly, I think it may be an improvement.  With the new paste-like formula, it sticks to the sore for much longer than the liquid, which means that awesome cool-rag-on-a-sunburn feeling lasts much, much longer.

In fact, she mentioned that she needs some people to test it out for her and get some feedback, so if anybody wants to take part, leave a message in the comments or reach me through the “Contact” page above.


The old bottom line:

Canker Sores Begone has earned its reputation over 20 years and has helped thousands of people to relieve their canker sore pain and in many cases, heal it completely.  There’s no way to know whether it’s right for you until you try it, and there’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t.  So if you’re curious about trying it, there’s nothing to lose.

I say go for it.

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