The official launch of No Pain, Your Gain

August 14th is here and so is the official arrival of the 2nd ebook from, No Pain, Your Gain: the complete guide to canker sore treatments.

It’s been a long night of preparing for this, so suffice it to say I’ll keep this short.The complete guide to canker sore treatments

But I’m really excited to finally put this out there and into the world.  Here’s the breakdown:

Nearly 40 pages of canker sore products.

More than 70 products overall.

11 categories of products with explanations for each.

Links (when available) to buy directly from the ebook.

The Canker Tracker tool to help track the ulcers and know which treatments work the best.

After a year of researching canker sores online, I truly believe that this is the most comprehensive canker sore products guide ever released.

CLICK HERE for an even more detailed breakdown of the book, or just click the pic if you’re sold and ready to buy.

And I have to ask you to please, SHARE SHARE SHARE if there’s someone you know who could use the information in this book.  It’s such a simple thing and could make a big difference.

Thanks, everybody.  I’m going to get some sleep now…

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