The Cankerboy Manifesto

Manifesto for canker sore sufferersMore astute observers may have noticed some changes recently to the site, and that’s because… well… there have been some major changes recently.  Not just to the design and the content, but on the focus.

With the launch of new products like the Beyond the Pain ebook (which I’ve been teasing about for a long time now) and new ebooks and products on the way, I want to take things in a new direction.  Familiar, but better.

You’re going to see more personality on the site.  More professional reviews and possibly interviews.  More engagement.  More focus on lifestyle, still with a dash of humor and satire.

Because the more I interact with other canker sore sufferers out there, the more I’m starting to see a common theme: We all feel alone.

We’ve all had a time in our lives when we thought there was something wrong with us that nobody would understand.

We all have little rituals we have to perform, foods we have to eat or avoid, faces we have to make to get through our day.

We’ve all been told there is nothing we can do about our canker sores, and felt helpless to it, even defeated.

We all deal with a seriously painful condition.  Not life-threatening, thankfully, but painful.  It’s the kind of pain other people truly do not understand.

It toughens us up.  It increases our resolve.  It elevates us.

And it connects us.

You’ll be seeing more articles focused on healthy living, stress reduction, and lifestyle design.  More interaction through Twitter and Facebook.  Basically more of everything.

So to celebrate this new direction, I propose a manifesto.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Cankerboy Manifesto:


Pain does not define me.  It does not control me.

It is a part of me, like my big toe.  And like my big toe, though it may point the direction I move, it doesn’t choose it.

And I choose to move forward.  Always forward.

My pain, both internal and external, has made me stronger.  It has made me less fearful, because I know whatever it is I am afraid of…

Whatever unseen catastrophe that may or may not await around the blind corners of my future…

I have suffered worse.

No pain or fear is as strong as my perseverance.  Because I have learned first hand that perseverance is not an option.  It just is.

And I keep moving forward. 

Always forward.

I do not accept that there is “no cure” to my problems.  I refuse to believe there is nothing I can do.  I know there is no end to what I can do, and I will do it all if that’s what it takes to get my answer.

I will attack what ails me with dogged persistence and deliberate strategy, countering its pain and mindless recurrence with relentless enthusiasm, propelled by the knowledge that every failure gets me one step closer to the solution.

When faced with an outbreak that leaves me unable to talk, I will rinse, swab, and smear and speak even louder than the day before.

When I find myself unable to eat without doubling over in pain, I will extend a middle finger and devour every bite on my plate with ravenous glory.

I will not cower from others when they cringe at my situation and assume the truth of the worst misconceptions. I will instead pity their ignorance and educate them.  I will turn my position of weakness into a strength.

I will strive to always remember that the strongest swords are molded from the hardest hammering.  That the toughest oaks are born of the stiffest winds.

My pain does not define me.  But it can refine me.  And I will move forward stronger.

Always forward.

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