Debacterol Alternative Oralmedic Is Available Online


I gushed previously about Debacterol as a 5-second cure for canker sores.

Unfortunately, it’s only available by prescription, which prompted an astute commenter named Tex (awesome name) to ask about a product called Oralmedic, which I must admit I had not heard of.  He wondered if it was the same thing and if it was available over the counter.

Great question!

So I checked into it.  Turns out it’s not available anywhere that I could find in the United States.  But I did find it on in their store, which is based in the UK, so I placed an order.

Shout out to the people, they’ve got a great website and they delivered their product quickly, especially considering the distance.


First impressions of Oralmedic for Canker Sores.

Opening up the package, everything looks just like Debacterol – a cotton swab with a hollow tube that delivers a dose into the swab head when you break the seal.  It also smells the same as Debacterol – very sharp and chemical.

And the ingredients in the two look very similar.

Here’s Debacterol’s ingredient list:

“50% Sulfonated Phenolics and 30% Sufuric Acid in an Aqueous Solution.”

Oralmedic lists their compound as a solution called HybenX, which is described as:

“Hydroxybenzenesulfonic Acid, Hydroxymethoxybenzenesulfonic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Water, Red 40”

(Not being a chemist, I looked up Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid and found out that it’s also listed as a “Phenolsulfonic acid”, which sounds very much like the “Sulfonated Phenolics” on the Debacterol list.  So they could be referring to the same ingredient)

I’m feeling good about this.  By all accounts, these are the same treatment, now available without a prescription online.

And yet, somehow, I got vastly different results from Oralmedic.


Oralmedic for Canker Sores results

Now, the package only came with 2 swabs, so I didn’t get to test it on more than 2 ulcers, but the two I tested on had the exact same reaction.

They actually got worse.

The first ulcer was a tiny one that had just started below my tongue.  It had literally not been up for a full day when I decided to head it off at the pass with Oralmedic.  It stung when I applied it, which one would expect from a) an ulcer and b) acid.  I left it on for just over 5 seconds and removed it.  Cleaned out my mouth with a good swish.

Just like Debacterol did, the acid burned a white spot around the ulcer.  But unlike Debacterol, which reversed the ulcer in a day, Oralmedic had the opposite effect.  Instead of that white spot deterring the ulcer, it just made it bigger.

The ulcer now covered the entire area of the white spot.  The burned cells around the ulcer just became fodder for a bigger ulcer.  Instead of frying the ulceration process, it simply caused more damage for the ulcer to latch on to.

So in one day it quadrupled in size.  And then continued to exist for a full 8 days as a normal ulcer would.

As that ulcer was running its course, another one popped up and I hit it with the second round of Oralmedic.  The same result happened except this ulcer was even worse and became a monster that inflamed to the point of causing my mandibular nerve to swell and become painful.  I don’t blame the Oralmedic for that, but it didn’t make me more of a fan.

So what gives?  Well, here’s where things get even more interesting.

I still had some Debacterol laying around and wanted to try it on a new one and see if it would still work as well as I remembered.  Soon after a new one popped up (I’ve had a lot of ulcers in the last few months) and I hit it with Debacterol.  And I had the same awful results as the Oralmedic.

Has my body just quit being able to handle the Sulfuric Acid treatments?  How come they worked so well before and so poorly now?

I have a theory.


My new theory on Debacterol, Oralmedic, and sufuric acid treatments for canker sores.

When I tested Debacterol a year ago (yeah, it’s been almost a year now), I tested it on “mature” ulcers.  Sores that had already grown to full size and would probably begin healing within the next day or two.  When used at that point, the ulcers were knocked out immediately.  But when I hit a fledgling ulcer that was just budding in, the treatment only exacerbated it.

I have a feeling that as the acute phase reaction of a canker sore begins, treating it with sulfuric acid could only cause damage that further activates the acute phase reaction and increases swelling.  But once the acute phase reaction is over and the ulcer is full-blown and ready to heal, hitting it with acid will seal the tissue and help it heal faster.

This is totally just a theory at this point, but I have a couple more Debacterol swabs that I’m going to test on a full-blown ulcer and see if the results are different.

But to answer the original question of this post – from everything I’ve observed, Oralmedic is an identical Debacterol alternative that you can buy online without a prescription.


Price of Debacterol vs. Oralmedic

Debacterol is priced at around $12 without insurance at pharmacies (at least the one I go to) – and that’s for one treatment.  Oralmedic is available from for 5.60 Euro, so you’re subject to the conversion rate.   I find it’s safe to assume a 1.50/1 conversion rate, so you’d actually be spending more like $8.40 plus international shipping.  BUT, you do get 2 treatments for each order, instead of one for Debacterol.  Plus, the cost of a dentist appointment if your dentist is not willing to prescribe it sight unseen.

Debacterol – $12 for 1 treatment

Oralmedic – $8.40 + shipping for 2 treatments  (order several at once and save some shipping)

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not giving you this information to keep you from seeing your dentist.  I encourage everyone to see their dentist before doing any kind of treatment they’re not sure of.  But this does seem to be a viable alternative to consider.

Of course, the best canker sore treatment is the one that prevents them from forming in the first place. For that, there’s the Cankerboy Canker Sore Solution. Click the pic to give it a try. There’s a 2-month risk-free trial!

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  • Tom

    I’d like to hear an update on oralmedic. Have you tried it again? I’m looking for an alternative to going in to the dentist for a debacterol treatment because it is hard to take time off from work to see the dentist.

    • Joe Scott

      I don’t know that I have an update per se, but if you were considering Oralmedic as an alternative for Debacterol, I’d say go for it. I got just about the same results from both of them.

      If you do give it a try, I’d love to know how it worked for you. My experience was that if you use it when the ulcer first appears, it can sometimes only make it worse, but if you wait a few days until it gets full-size, it will knock it out quickly. I’d be interested to hear if anybody else had the same experience.


  • James

    I have been asking my dentist nicely and they will actually sell you a few at a time if you can prove to them you know the risks of dealing with sulfuric acid, know to dry the spot, keep it out of your eye(Duh?). But I’m tempted to try the oralmedic to see if it’s the same.

    • Joe Scott

      Yeah, give it a whirl. Just keep it out of your eye. 🙂

  • Dave C

    I have been suffering since I was a little kid (27 years now). I get canker sores so bad that the entire tip of my tongue gets covered in them and it affects my talking (and obviously my eating etc). I have tried everything before and just tried Oralmedic about an hour ago. Like everything else I have tried, it helps for all of 2 minutes while the ulcers are numb but the swelling and pain ends up worse than before. I was maybe a day before the “acute phase reaction” was over. *sigh* I guess I will keep living in misery! lol

    • Joe Scott

      Sorry it didn’t work like you’d hoped. I had slightly different experiences with both of mine. Maybe it’ll work better next time? Fingers crossed?

  • me

    thanks for the article. i used debacterol liquid when it first came out (no swabs, i used a stick). it didnt work when used for the specified time, so i experimented leaving it on longer and longer, a couple seconds at a time. I’m not telling anyone to do this, and I’m certainly not a medical professional, but i would leave it on sometimes 12-15 seconds and–yes it killed!–but it go rid of the pain. i warn you, do not hurt yourself. but perhaps they aggravated your canker sores because the had not yet finished the job (hadn’t achieved cauterization) yet.

    • Joe Scott

      Interesting. I guess that’s possible.

      I supposed everybody (and every canker sore for that matter) is a little different, so some may require longer than others. I suppose it’s worth a shot to test out longer periods as long as you’re careful not to hurt yourself.

      Thanks for the note!

  • Simon

    I’ve used Oralmedic regularly since I discovered it a few years ago (and also Bonjela Once, for the brief period it was available). While I didn’t know anything about phases of ulcers I normally tried to put off using it for as long as I could endure, as burning myself with acid seemed like a pretty terrible idea even if it did seem to be working. Then one day I had the same outcome you describe here. I treated an ulcer at the back of my palate, but the whole white patch left by the swab turned into a monster a couple of days later (leading to a week on prescription-grade pain killers). My fear was that I’d developed an allergy to the product, but eventually I became desperate enough to try again and found that it was still effective. The conclusion I drew was similar to what you say here, that I treated too early and only compounded whatever effect caused it to start in the first place. Because of the awkward position of the failure case, it is also possible that I did not treat it as effectively as I needed to, or that that’s just not the sort of tissue that can respond appropriately to that treatment (I will not try it again!).

    I still don’t like the idea of burning myself with acid all the time, though. That can’t be healthy, can it?

  • Ben

    Thanks for the link! I just ordered QTY 6 of Oralmedic. I have a lot of experience with Debacterol and came to the same conclusion as you after some time. When used immediately it just seems to make things worse but when used after the ulcer has matured it is usually a quick end to the pain. Always having trouble with cankers since birth (and no treatment helping for more than 15-20 minutes) I finally found debacterol when a dentist gave me a sample they had… it was expired but worked amazingly well. I milked that little bottle for months. Being in the US, it was always a struggle to obtain debacterol. I have been unable to convince my last 2 dentists to provide a prescription. This past week I but my lip severely and am currently experiencing the second worse ulcer of my very experienced life. I currently only have some silver nitrate sticks I managed to get my hands on a few years ago. I find that a rather drastic solution that does not work as well as I remember for debacterol. I am VERY interested in this Oralmedic solution.

    This may help some… what I have learned over 40 years of dealing with cankers: I try to take my vitamin C in tablet form. Orange juice and other highly acidic juices will give me a sore within a few days. In a pinch I will water down juice 50-75% before drinking it. I will use ONLY Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste. I’ve been on a few vacations and been stuck with Crest or Colgate and after a few days I can notice a significant difference and usually develop a canker or 3. I tried many toothpastes over the years including natural options without SLS. I have learned my lesson very well… I will never change from Arm & Hammer.

    • Joe Scott

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, Debacterol and Oralmedic can be a fickle little dame. But I supposed even if it cuts the length of the ulcer down by half, that’s an improvement. Just wish I knew the sweet spot when it’s early enough to use it and not make things worse.

      I avoid orange juice like the plague. It’s like tasty napalm to me.

      SLS-free toothpaste never made much difference for me. But I know it does for a lot of people. Always good when you find out what works for you. So congrats for that. 🙂

  • NameJoe Peck

    Hi Joe, Great website! Just wondering, is there an area for general comments and discussion? At the moment I’m wondering why you have no mention of Aphthasol? It worked for me quite well, but I can no longer find it and CVS says it’s not in production anymore. Any intel on the topic?

    Thanks again for the great site. Really helped my wife and kids understand my suffering which was good for some time off from house chore so there’s that little bit of upside! And, I really loved you page on pain tolerance. I often wondered about that and I think it’s likely very true.

    Anyways, here’s lookin’ at yo kid with a mouth full o’ canker sores in NY.


    • Joe Scott

      Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

      A forum is a pretty good idea. I never added one because I guess I felt that there were already forums out there, being one of them:

      Having said that, I have some big plans ahead to redesign the site (you can probably see it’s been a bit abandoned for a while), so I’ll take the idea of a forum into consideration.

      You asked about Aphthasol, and I did do a review of it on here, but it was not a good one. My experience of it was pretty awful. I did find out recently it was taken off the market, I’m wondering if it’s because so many other people had the same bad experience I did:

      As for your other comment, I don’t know if I can say with any certainty about genetic anticipation with canker sores. I do know they are genetic, but I haven’t seen any research saying they get worse through the generations.

      And regarding your ataxia, I’m curious if those symptoms showed up at the same time as your ulcers?

      All the best!

  • NameJoe Peck

    Hey, I’m kinda like you and constantly experimenting. Tonight I just ate 2 tins of mackerel and a tin of clams. First nothing hurt while I was eating them and second my mouth has a sense of reprieve right now. I’ll sign on tomorrow with a follow up. My basic idea was to overload B12 as naturally as possible. I have been taking B12 for about 3 months and the frequency and duration has gone down, but the problem still exists and still bad enough to seek treatment. The odd element to me is that I am 48 and didn’t really have this problem until about 3 years ago which makes me wonder if this isn’t a genetic defect like SCA! Ataxia which I also have, but which has not yet reared it’s ugly head. Of course when it does I only have 17 years to live, but I’m 48 and happy so “oh well”. The real problem is I may have passed it off to my kids and there is something called genetic anticipation where problems like this get worse with every generation. So that’s my point I wonder if this is a gene gone bad and it gets worse from generation to generation. It doesn’t cause death so it hasn’t received the same level of research, but seems possible to me.

  • Jeremy Stanley

    I’ve suffered from canker sores for 25 years, but did not learn about laser treatment until recently, in some research inspired by the enormous ulcer I got four days ago which has made speaking and eating painful. This morning, I went to my dentist to get it zapped, but he suggested Debacterol instead, saying it’s more effective than laser treatment for large ulcers (also, he’d never seen one as big as mine, even though at about 1cm I don’t think it’s the largest I’ve had).

    He claimed it would kill the pain instantly, and heal up in a day or two. It didn’t sting nearly as much as I expected (not as bad as Kanka, for sure). But I’m worried, because my lip has swollen up and there’s a noticeable white halo around the sore. Also, the pain has not gone away; it’s less acute (kind of tingly), but has been increasing since the treatment (~3 hours ago). In fact, it feels a lot like the precursor to a canker sore, making me hope I didn’t just double my ulcer’s size. I wish I’d read this page before I had the Debacterol treatment.

  • Bobby

    I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ THIS SOONER!!!! I just used OralMedic on a baby canker sore that was developing on my tongue. I thought zapping it the sooner the better. Boy was I wrong. It has grown triple the size and I can barley talk. I had used debacterol in the past and it worked like a charm. But something has gone horribly wrong this time. I don’t blame OralMedic. The theory that is presented here seems to be right as my expert in canker sores (my brother, resume:gets multiple canker sores for close to 30 years, has resorted to homeopathy, holistic remedies, and receiving dentist grade debacterol type of medicine with a much higher concentration of sulfuric acid) has confirmed.
    I am thrilled to have found this blog and hopefully the internet will now lead to some type REAL cure for canker sores. Mine have just been getting worse as i get older.
    Thank you Jon for this blog.

    • Joe Scott

      I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on this post, it seems that this is a common result of using Debacterol/Oralmedic on young ulcers.

      I think it all goes back to that acute phase reaction – the inflammatory response (or over-response) the body goes into that creates the canker sore. While you’re in that, any added trauma is going to just exacerbate it. I think maybe the best course of action is to keep the swelling down with a steroidal paste like triamcinolone acetonide for a few days to keep it from getting worse and this hit it with the Debacterol.

      I think in future research, I’ll be focusing more on keeping the acute phase reaction down to prevent ulcers from blowing up in the first place.

      Glad this blog has helped you. I know it’s been dormant for a while, but I’m about to re-launch it with a lot of new features. Stay tuned!

      • Simon

        Do you have any thoughts on how best to decide which phase an ulcer is in? I just had another made-it-huge accident a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I treated two ulcers at once, and the other healed right away. Looking back it was pretty obvious the failure case was too young to treat, but the trick (as with many things) is to figure it out looking forward, not back.

        Maybe some kind of (literal or not) litmus test?

        I also have a bottle of strange green powder from China which I’ve been meaning to try out, but I really have no idea what’s in it (secret family recipe and all that) so it frightens me. By the sounds of it it follows the same course as debacterol and oralmedic, but it’s a powder you can safely dab on with your finger, and it doesn’t burn right away — it has to sit there overnight.

        • Joe Scott

          That’s an interesting idea – I’ll look into that. There’s probably a way to hack how you treat an ulcer according to what phase it’s in.

          I wonder if the green powder is watermelon frost? I’ve tried that before. Or maybe benzonite clay. Either way, let me know how it works. 🙂

  • Scott Rutledge


    Really appreciate your website. I’m in a bad bout of these bad boys right now. Stuck in the UK and can’t get ahold of any of the this stuff ! Debactorol worked well for me in the past! Can I just say you are one tough dude for guinea pigging all this stuff. Thanks for doing it! Keep me connected with anything you can share moving forward.

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  • Big Mouth Strikes Again


    I have a horrible canker on my tonsil. I had had it about a week or so, when I decided to try the Oralmedic. It is now worse than before. It is basically a wound – bigger than it started. I followed the instructions. Dipped the cotton bud in the purple jelly, rolled it over the sore. It hurt like a ….. Then I started to gag as the stuff is so incredibly bitter. It took many rinses for me to stop gagging. The pain went for about 5 mins. Then came back with a vengeance. And here I am 4 days post-oralmedic..
    The pain is travelling up to ear as it is the tonsil. Has anyone else experience of cankers on tonsils or using stuff back there?

    Plus, I was so hungry today I made the mistake of eating some chocolate…

  • Big Mouth Strikes Again

    It’s super painful … am concerned about it now getting infected now so am taking some antibiotics. Also using a clorohex type mouthwash and ibruprofen..

    This is (one of) my genetic frailties. The rest of my family get coldsores, I have never had one, but the tonsil thing is the bane of my life.

  • Joe

    Thank you for this post. I have been using debacterol for about a year now. I was given a sample from my dentist, and it has been a god send. I have dealt with canker sores my whole life, and like many of you, have the “curse”. I get canker sores everywhere in my mouth. Tonsils, tongue, uvula,…

    Before I tell my latest canker sore story, I will say that usually my sores require 2-3 treatments to fully rid the damned things.

    Currently, I’m dealing with a canker sore on my tonsil about half the size of a penny. I have gone through 4 canker sore treatments on this one (4 q-tips over the course of 5 days). I bulked up on Debacterol on my previous dentist visit….Once this little guy came through, I blasted it to rid it. It got bigger! Next day I blasted it again, same thing happened. Fast forward – Now, I’m sitting on my couch after (hopefully) one last treatment. My conclusion is either:

    A) My body is immune to the treatments and “ignores” them. (I hope this is not the case)
    B) There is really nothing you can do during the “grow” phase of a canker sore to “kill it”, but if you zap it with Debacterol near its peak, you will experience significant healing.

    – One other thought on this. Even though my canker sore grew after 3 separate treatments, it still dulled the pain for the day, which is key. Most other treatments just numb the area for 15-20 minutes. Also, on areas that have a lot of friction i.e tonisils or tongue, there is a large chance that this friction can “re-trigger” the sore even after a Debacterol treamtment – my own opinion at this point. Good luck everybody.

    • Joe Scott

      This is excellent feedback, thanks for sharing this!

      Sounds like you’ve got some whoppers. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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