More great toothpastes for canker sores.

Since my previous blog post about the best toothpastes for canker sores, I’ve found some new ones to add to the list.

All of these are totally free of sodium lauryl sulfate, often believed to be a major culprit of canker sores.

Give ’em a try!

JASON Powersmile ToothpasteJASON Powersmile

JASON is a well-known natural cosmetics company. Their all-natural toothpaste, Powersmile, is a minty concoction that unlike some of the others on this list, actually foams up like regular toothpaste, which goes a long way toward you wanting to use it.



Xyliwhite, a product from ubiquitous vitamin manufacturer, NOW, is powered
by xylitol, a natural sugar substitute, and substitutes silica and sodium bicarbonates for fluoride for whitening and foaming. Tea tree oil and spearmint gives it a nice flavor.



Therabreath, has a long line of products originally created to prevent bad breath and tonsil stones (I’d link to a YouTube video, but I like you too much), but the side effect is an SLS-free toothpaste that’s gentle on canker sores and could help prevent breakouts.



Click any of the pictures or links to buy & try from the Cankerboy Amazon store!

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