Verve Ultra – SLS-free toothpaste for canker sores

Just found out about a new SLS-free toothpaste to try if you’re on the hunt for something new.

It’s called Verve Ultra.  It has fluoride for cavities and enriched with antioxidants including Vitamin E.

Verve Ultra SLS Toothpaste




They have some interesting info on canker sores, including a couple of studies:


One, from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, studied the effects of rinsing with an antiseptic rinse (Listerine) vs. a hydroalcoholic mixture.  In a double blind study of 96 patients over 6 months, it found that while both of them made a difference in the canker sores…

The duration of lesions and the severity of pain in subjects with canker sore ulcers during the treatment period were also significantly reduced in the LA (Listerine) rinse group of patients when compared with baseline.

Another one tested SLS-free toothpastes.  Performed by the College of Dentistry, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, this study published in February surveyed 90 patients as they were randomly selected to try one of 3 different toothpastes, one SLS-free, one containing SLS-A, and one containing another type, SLS-B.  They used a randomly selected toothpaste for 8 weeks, then used a different toothpaste for 8 weeks, following a 2-week washout period.  The results concluded:

The number of canker sores and episodes did not differ significantly between SLS-A, SLS-B, and SLS-free toothpaste. Only duration of canker sore ulcers and mean pain score was significantly decreased during the period using SLS-free toothpaste. Conclusion:  Although SLS-free toothpaste did not reduce the number of canker sore ulcers and episodes, it affected the canker sore ulcer-healing process and reduces pain in daily lives in patients with RAS.

I find it interesting that they note that the number of canker sores does not go down, but the pain and discomfort does.

Can’t hurt to try.

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