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I’ve described this site in the past as “the only online blog dedicated to living with and finding a cure for canker sores”.  This may still be true, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great online resources for people with canker sores, and people out there who have done some great work on the subject.

Today I wanted to talk about one of them.  It’s the Mouth Ulcers Home Page at

Run from the United Kingdom by a man named Dom Walton, the Mouth Ulcers Home Page has been around in some form since 1999.  Dom, much like me, has had mouth ulcers his whole life and set up the website and a user message board to try to find some solutions.  Over time, the page has grown, the message board has expanded, and the site is now a vast cornucopia of mouth ulcer information.

Some of the better features of the site include a Featured Articles section, where Dom posts things that work for him, and the giant Message Board that has hundreds of topics and several hundred comments to go through.  The site also includes some interviews with oral specialists and the people behind products such as Cankermelts

One of my favorite parts of the site (and something I’d love to do here eventually) is the causes and treatments surveys.  You can go through and rank which treatments work best for you and which things seem to cause your ulcers the most, and see how the treatments rank with all the other users.  You can even click on the options and get a handy little pie chart to show how people ranked it, from “Prevents them” to “No effect”.  It’s a very unscientific survey, but still very handy.

There’s even a store from which you can buy mouth ulcer treatments, though the prices are listed in British Pounds.

So go give a look-see.  If nothing else, you may run across a treatment that you’ve never heard of before.  It’s a good and informational way to spend your time.

Mouth Ulcers Home Page

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