Get more comfort and less swelling with Kenalog

Triamcinolone AcetonideKenalog in Orabase, also known as the generic name Trimcinolone Acetonide is a corticosteroid paste for mouth ulcers and canker sores that is available only by prescription.

I ran into this stuff years ago when a dentist prescribed this for me, and I’ve been using it ever since.  I’ve been using it so long, in fact, that I don’t even need to track the results, I can tell you straight up how this stuff works and what it’s good for.

Bottom line:  It helps reduce the swelling of canker sores, but not the length of the sores.

I generally use TA (as I call it, for obvious reasons) at night when I go to bed.  I find that the inflammation is significantly less the next morning, whereas it seems to be worse without any medicine.  The swelling does eventually come back through the next day with the regular irritation and the medicine wearing off.  I’ve never used it throughout the day because it doesn’t stick to the ulcer as well as, say Orabase, and it being prescription and all, costs quite a bit more so I tend to be more economical and only use it at night.

I do plan on giving it a try though to see if the length of the ulcers would go down with regular application throughout the day.

One thing this product does NOT do is reduce pain.  There are no pain killers like benzocaine to numb the area, which is another reason I don’t carry it on me during the day.  Sometimes I’ve even put Orabase on there before putting it on if it’s a real killer ulcer, just so it doesn’t hurt so much when I go to bed.

However, even though it doesn’t have a pain reducer in the gel, it does reduce pain through reduced inflammation.  A less-inflamed canker sore is a happy canker sore (if there is such a thing – like pointing out a “good” stab wound), and when you keep the inflammation down through TA or other means, the pain is drastically less.

Don't Worry Be Happy

Unswollen canker sore.

Aphthasol, on the other hand… I woke up with my ulcers more swollen than Kanye West’s ego.

I highly recommend Trimcinolone Acetonide to anybody who hasn’t tried it.  Give your dentist a call and ask for a prescription, you shouldn’t have any trouble.  And I’ll give a few ulcers a try using TA throughout the day and see what kind of difference that might make.


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