My Review of Canker-Rid

I wrote previously about the bee product propolis, and it’s reported benefits for canker sores.  Researching it further, I ran across Durham’s Canker-Rid, from Durham’s Bee Farm in Mississippi.

Before I go into this review, I should share that I wanted this stuff to work.  I mean, a natural product that works wonders on canker sores?  No chemicals in sight?  And besides, watch this video:

How can you not love that guy!?

So I gave it a shot.  Actually, I gave it several shots.  Six, to be exact.

And here are the results.

Using my tracking method, I tracked six ulcers over the course of a little over a month to see if the length of the ulcers and the pain they caused was lessened by this product.



092211UT  –  9/22-9/27     5 days     Highest pain level = 1

092211TTb – 9/22-9/28     6 days     Highest pain level = 2

092211TTa – 9/22-9/28     6 days     Highest pain level = 5

101411TT  –  10/14-10/22   8 days     Highest pain level = 4

101411UL –  10/14-10/27    13 days   Highest pain level = 5

102711TR – 10/27-10/31     4 days     Highest pain level = 5



A few things stand out here, one is the waves that my ulcers come in – it’s no joke.  One dries up and another one is likely behind it.  Another is that I tend to get more than one at once.  If one breaks out in one spot of my mouth, it’s likely another one is nearby.  And you might also notice I get a lot on the tip of my tongue (hence the TT in the codes), which has a lot to do with my sunflower seed addiction.

So, an average length of the ulcers is 7 days, which is at the low end of my normal timeframe for canker sores, which is 7-10 days.  The pain level stayed pretty low, too.  However, I should note that I fell sick for a few days around the 24th of October – which I only do once or twice a year and caused me to miss some work.  This, of course, jacked with my immune system and caused the one that lasted 13 days to go much longer than a normal ulcer.  So maybe a more fair thing to do would be to take it out, which would drop the average length to an impressive 5.8 days, well below the average length of my canker sores.

There was also a noticeable decrease in swelling and inflammation first thing in the morning when I used this at night.

One more little caveat I have to give is that I have been taking Lysine during this time, which may have skewed the results a bit.  I may try this again on a few ulcers in the future when I’m not on any supplements to see if it makes a difference.

The bottom line:  I think Canker-rid may actually help in the reduction of the length of canker sores, and I can recommend it to anybody who wants to try a natural remedy to their ulcers.

However, there are some caveats with using this that keeps me from shouting it from the rooftops.



It drips and runs like a liquid.

Canker-Rid is not the easiest product in the world to use.  First of all, it is a liquid, not a gel or a paste that you can easily dab on the end of your finger and smear on the spot.  The Canker-Rid bottle works much like a bottle of food coloring, with a drip nozzle at the end.  So you literally have to put it right on the canker sore and carefully drip onto it.  Try doing that without a mirror.  Luckily, most of my ulcers were on my tongue, but what if it was on the top of my mouth?  I honestly don’t know how one would even apply it there unless you were hanging upside down.  I’d highly suggest to the Canker-Rid people that they include an applicator of some type like Kanka or consider a solution that makes it more gel-like so you can apply it with a Q-Tip.  As it stands right now, applying it from a Q-Tip does nothing because it soaks into the cotton and doesn’t coat the ulcer.

Basically, the only option when applying it is to find a bathroom, bring the bottle and a Q-Tip, get in front of the mirror, dry the ulcer with the Q-Tip, drip the Canker-Rid on there, then wipe away the runoff (like I said, it’s a liquid, so it goes everywhere) with the Q-Tip.  Then breathe on it heavily like an axe murderer until it dries and coats the ulcer.  And I did this a few times every time I applied.  Compare that with just smearing some Orabase from your finger at your desk at work.

And while it coats well and temporarily numbs the area, be warned, it stings like a mother.  Maybe the worst sting of any canker sore medicine I’ve used.  This is probably from the alcohol in the solution more than the bee stuff, but get ready for some heart palpitations if you’ve got a monster ulcer.

They bottled this part of the bee.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it stains, which means two things:  Make sure you don’t get it on your clothes, and if it’s near your teeth… You’re gonna have some brown/yellow teeth when you use it.  This also puts a kink in anyone’s plan to hit a spot at the top of their mouths by applying it to their finger.  Unless you want a brown-stained fingertip.

And one last, and admittedly picky, thing – the bottle’s not exactly convenient to carry around.  Doesn’t fit as neatly in your pocket as a tube product and the staining power of this thing would make me a little squeamish about carrying it there anyway.

If these guys made a gel version of this stuff and sold it in a tube, it would go a long way toward me using it on a general basis, but for now, I may just use it when I go to bed or when at home.  It’s just too inconvenient to take with me and use out in the world, which is a shame.

In summary:

Results = good, though may be swayed by Lysine.

Pain Relief = temporary, though it does coat and seal the ulcer well.  And it doesn’t taste bad.

Usage = too inconvenient for me to use outside of home.  Lots of room for improvement here.

I can definitely recommend Canker-Rid for anybody looking for an all-natural solution to canker sores, though it does have a way to go before I can give it a 100% approval.

Have you used Canker-Rid?  Share your experience in the comments!

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