Is Lysine Working…?

As I reported recently, I’ve been experimenting with Dunham’s Canker-Rid and taking Lysine.  And I’d love to give you a full review of my experiences with them…

But I haven’t been getting any ulcers!

At the end of last week, I had a couple of spots show up and tried to cause trouble, but never even got big enough to start tracking.  They were gone completely in a couple of days.

A similar thing happened with the last ulcer that popped up, it disappeared almost immediately.

I wanted to wait for another full-blown canker sore to test the Canker-Rid again and see how it comes out because I didn’t think it was possible that the Canker-Rid caused the ulcer to go away so quickly – just too good to be true – but I haven’t had a chance to do that.  Because I haven’t had any ulcers to try it on.

Working on a new canker sore

That’s the funny thing about running this website.  That’s a great problem to have, except I actually need to get some canker sores to try out these products!

Is it the Lysine?

I started taking it on the 18th, so it’s been a little over 3 weeks since I started.   What’s happening right now is I still seem to be going through my cycles, but they aren’t fully producing the canker sores.  My on-cycle always seems to start up with a feeling akin to coming down with a sore throat.  You know that tickle in the back of your mouth that you always get just before you get sick?  I get that.  Every time.  Every 10 days or so.  It never really turns into an illness, but it always kicks off a round of canker sores.

Except, this time, it didn’t.  A couple tried to start, but never even fully formed a white spot.  Just got red and inflamed.  And then, gone.  Back to normal.

I’m going to keep taking the Lysine for 6 weeks total and see if the ulcers stay away, and then if they come back when I get off of it.  But right now, I can highly recommend 2000 mg of Lysine a day.

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