Drink Water!

Something you might notice if you spend enough time on this site (and come on, why wouldn’t you?) is that RAS and canker sores are a systemic condition, one that is tied closely to your [...]


I told you it’s not herpes…

I’ve been saying it over and over on this website.  It’s practically my personal mantra at this point.  In fact, if there was one single myth I want to bust more than any other with [...]


Is Lysine Working…?

As I reported recently, I’ve been experimenting with Dunham’s Canker-Rid and taking Lysine.  And I’d love to give you a full review of my experiences with them… But I [...]


My Philosophy

If you could have the perfect body, but it required you to run 5 miles every 4 hours every single day, would you do it? And I’m not talking about in a hypothetical world where you have no [...]