Welcome to the new Cankerboy.com!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new cankerboy.com website.  Yes, things are brand new around here, so there might still be some paint drying and lumber and sawdust in places, but we’re opening up the house to share with all of you.

It’s been a long… LONG… road to get this site up.  I know a lot about canker sores – know a lot about a lot of things for that matter – but building websites ain’t one of them.  So with the help of some very good people, the site is up, it’s good enough, and it’s functional enough to make the switch from the old blog.

So where do we go from here?

Welcome home!I have some big plans for this site.  I’m going to step up the testing side of things, sharing with you exactly what supplements, products, and home remedies I’m trying and reporting their results in real time so you can follow along.  All the posts are arranged by category so you can pick out what you want to know about (this will be tweaked over time) and I’m going to be running interviews with prominent researchers on the topic of canker sores, with oral health professionals, I’m going to create podcasts and videos, and hopefully eventually an iPhone app.

In the long run, I want this to be an interactive site, where you can do what I’m doing and test the products and the wisdom and find what works for you.  I realize that I can test these theories all day long but all it will mean is that it worked or didn’t work for me – and I’m just one guy.  I hope to get hundreds, even thousands of people doing their own testing and reporting back the results so we can see how each treatment works on a large scale.

I’m really excited about our new home and hope you are, too.  Things just get more fun from here.

So subscribe to our feed, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook to stay on top of things!  And tell anybody you know that gets canker sores about what’s going on here.  They just might learn something!


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