Organizing against stress-related mouth ulcers.

Does stress cause canker sores?  I may be about to find out.

Things are getting pretty busy for me lately.  September has started to look like one of those months that could take my feet out from under me if I’m not careful.  I’m dealing with switching this site to a self-hosted blog, which means setting up a new WordPress theme and redesigning it (something I know just about jack squat about), I’ve got writing assignment deadlines looming, a feature film project that’s in a bit of suspended animation at the moment and a job that is still reeling and adjusting from yet another round of layoffs.  If there was ever a time for me to experiment with the “stress = canker sores” theory, this would be it.

So far, so bad.  Just yesterday I had a split form in my bottom lip and a random spot on my right cheek.  Neither of them are killing, so I’m dealing okay. In the past, I’ve said that stress generally doesn’t bring on canker sores in me, so we’ll see how this month plays out.

In an effort to juggle all the balls I’ve got in the air right now, and to try to actually get something tangible done this month, I’ve set my inner meticulous nerd loose and created what I’ve come to enjoy calling “PROJECT AWESOME”.

You're Awesome(There are several rules with PROJECT AWESOME – I’ll spare you from hearing all of them – but one of them that I actually took the time to write down is that PROJECT AWESOME will always be written in all caps; in order to truly imprint into the idea how awesome PROJECT AWESOME is.)

Here’s the idea…  I have 4 main projects going on in my life right now that I want to make significant progress on in September.  I’ve taken those 4 projects (in a perfect world there would be less than 4, but like I said – busy month) and created for each of them 3 goals to achieve by the end of the month, starting with 1 as the “very least I should get done” and 3 as the “best possible outcome” of the month.

I then broke down each of those three goals into 3 specific tasks that I should do in order to make that goal happen.  So it goes from 1 project to 3 goals to 9 tasks.  Then I sat down and scheduled in my calendar dates throughout the month to achieve those tasks.  And instead of giving myself just one day to do them, I set aside a few days each, that way if things get busy one day I don’t wind up intractably behind.

It’s something new.  I’m trying it.  I’ll look back at the end of September and see how I did.  One of the goals was finishing the ebook and getting the site switched over, so now it’s up to you, loyal readers, to hold me to it. 🙂

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