Debacterol is the real deal for canker sores.

Well slap me in the face and call me Sally, something actually worked the way it’s advertised.

I posted on Monday that I was experimenting with a product called Debacterol, which was a sulfuric acid solution that supposedly cauterized the ulcer and helped it heal faster.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to report that this stuff worked like a charm.  Here’s my experience:

The directions for Debacterol suggested applying it at the first sign of an ulcer.  I chose to ignore that the first time I used it because any medicine worth a darn will work better when the ulcer first gets started.  So when I had a spot start up on my tongue, I let it grow for a couple of days before I gave it a try.

Luckily for me (usually unlucky, but lucky this time), I had a tiny one trying to get started below my bottom lip, so I had the chance to try it on two ulcers at once – one an established one and one in the early stages.

Considering you’re basically putting battery acid on an exposed nerve, it really didn’t hurt so bad.  Truly, it didn’t.  Most of the over the counter medicines I’ve used, especially the kind that form protective films like Kanka or Zilactin hurt worse than this.

It comes in a what is basically a hollow Q-Tip, and when you break the seal, the medicine flows into the cotton at the head.  You apply it to the ulcer for no less than 5 seconds and no more than 10, then rinse your mouth out with warm water.  One word of warning, the medicine kinda stinks.  And when I say kinda, I mean it reeks.  It’s a very chemical smell, in fact I had to throw away the trash can I put the Q-Tip in because my wife thought I had sprayed for bugs in the bathroom.

But after 5 seconds or so, making sure you cover the entire ulcer, and rinsing off, you see immediately a white film over the ulcer.  This isn’t the medicine, this is dead cells that you just zapped with freaking acid.  I was actually worried that I had made the smaller ulcer worse because all day long I could feel a large spot of dead skin where I had hit it.

I did it Monday morning, and that day I was still feeling some pain from that spot on my tongue, but it was definitely a lot less.  And it was a different kind of pain.  Not at sharp as the agony we know and love from ulcers.  Much more dull, more of an ache.  The next day, Tuesday, the tiny one was nonexistent, and the bigger one was half the size of the day before.  And half the pain.  On Wednesday, I could pronounce it dead.  Not only did it not hurt, I couldn’t even find it when looking in the mirror.

Knocked it out completely in two days.  After putting something on it for 5 seconds.  I am very impressed.

Here’s the tracking of the ulcer just to give you a first-hand look at what I recorded:

It came up officially on Saturday, after a couple of days of feeling a little sore-throaty in my throat and ear (typical auto-immune warning sign). Refer to my tracking method if this doesn’t make any sense.

Saturday 27th:


Size: 1mm

Pain: 3

Inflammation: 2


Sunday 28th:


Size: >1mm

Pain: 5

Inflammation: 4

(As you can see, it’s growing in pain, size, and inflammation.  By Monday morning, it was a good 2mm across.  That’s when I hit it with the Debacterol.  By Monday night…)


Monday 29th:


Size: 1mm

Pain: 2

Inflammation: 1

(The size dropped by half and the pain and inflammation more than half)


Tuesday 30th:


Size: <1mm

Pain: 1

Inflammation: 1

(I could only feel it if I bumped it just right.  By Wednesday, it was gone.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with someone who works at EPEIN Medical, who makes Debacterol, to do an interview or something to find out exactly how it works, but it seems like it just arrests the ulceration process and allows your mouth to heal normally by frying out the stuff that doesn’t want to function correctly and making way for healthy new cells.

The big question now is how much does this cost?  Since someone was kind enough to give me a sample, I don’t know.  I do know that it is only available by a prescription, and I have my hunch that many dentists may only offer it as a in-the-chair service they provide.  This could mean it’s pretty expensive.  I’ll find out and update when I know the answer.

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  • David

    I called my doctor the afternoon of hearing about debactoral and I had my package of 12 treatments by the next day. It was only $6 with my insurance co-pay! It really works to immediately reduce the pain significantly as the cauterization deadens the nerve endings in and around the ulcer. It forms a covering that begins to slough off after 24 hours that helps to protect it from further trauma. The healing process sped up dramatically and the sore was gone completely in 4 days.

    I also have a prescription for acyclovir which I take daily. It has helped reduce the number of sores and they seem to heal quicker. But, this last one was a doozy…worst I’ve had in several years–which prompted the research and led me to debactoral.
    I will also start taking a vitamin B12 supement every day and see if that will also help.

    I didn’t get the prescription to Debactoral until this ulcer was in full force so I don’t really know the FULL benefit until I use it again when an ulcer is just starting. I’ve been told to wait until the canker sore has “burst” and actually becomes the painful, tiny open sore. Don’t cauterize the tingly bump that leads up to it.

    Thanks for your website and research. I’ve dealt with these sores since I was a child and am so excited to share my debactoral findings to any of my friends that get them.

    • Joe Scott

      Hey David,

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Yeah, I thought Debacterol was a real game changer. Did you see my writeup on Oralmedic? It’s only sold in England, but it’s pretty much the same thing and you can get it without a prescription from But from the looks of it, your insurance took care of most of it, which is really great.

      Give that B12 a try and let me know how it goes. Worked like gangbusters for me.

      All the best!

  • David

    Oh! Also, it’s been suggested that I deaden the area with one of the many pain relievers I’m sure many of is sufferers have an abundance of around the house…oragel, orabase, etc prior to the cauterization. That will reduce stinging. Also, I held it on for the minimum 5 seconds but could have held it for as long as 10. Considering the size of this one I should have held it on longer. Of you can stand it hold it for the maximum time.

  • Megan

    Hi guys! I am a longtime canker sore better and have literally completely changed my lifestyle to avoid canker sores. I limit my acidic food to little or none. I use an sls free toothpaste. I am on a pill so I only get my menstrual cycle every 3 months and so many other things I have done through the years to avoid these little buggers. It’s been a while since I last had one so you can imagine how annoyed I was when I woke up this morning and sure enough under my tongue. My dentist gave me a sample of debactoral so I decided to give it a shot. Holy smokes they should warn you about how bad it stings!! I literally almost passed out from the pain, I had to lay down for 20 minutes after. Regardless of whether it does what it’s supposed to I don’t think I will be usingthis product again.

    • Joe Scott

      Wow, I’m sorry it hurt that bad!

      It didn’t seem to hurt as badly for me. I mean, it stung, but almost everything stings on a canker sore, so I didn’t think much of it. It does swell a bit afterward as it heals itself, which adds to the pain. A pro tip might be to put some Orabase or some other benzocaine medicine on there to numb the pain afterward.

      See how it feels tomorrow, if you just hit it today. Usually the beauty of Debacterol is that the ulcer goes away in just a day or so. So hopefully it’ll be healing up by the morning.

      Good luck!

  • Jeff B.

    Thanks for writing a review of our Debacterol product. Debacterol is now available in the U.S. at

  • will

    If anyone has a bottle or some samples, I’d gladly paypal money for it. I NEED this stuff but haven’t had luck getting any through script.

    • Joe Scott

      I’ve never had a problem getting a prescription from a dentist, but if you are having trouble, check out Oralmedic.
      It’s the same thing and you can buy it online. Just remember to apply it after the ulcer has grown for a few days. Once it stops growing (and begins the I’m-just-gonna-hang-around-and-make-your-life-miserable phase), that’s when you want to hit it. Doing it while it’s still growing will only create a bigger ulcer.

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