A 5-second cure for canker sores?

This weekend, like clockwork, my on-cycle started up again (I’m starting to sound like I’m menstrual – I’m not, by the way).  Which means that a couple of ulcers popped up, one on the side of my tongue that slightly kills.

So I tried something new, that was referred to me by a good friend whose mother is a dental hygenist.

It’s called Debacterol, and it’s supposed to work as a chemical cauterizer.  How…?  Well, I’m not sure, but it’s supposed to dry up ulcers and make them go away.  It comes in a Q-Tip like swab with a hollow plastic tube that contains a solution of 50% sulphanated phenolics and 30% sulfuric acid.

Jack Nicholson as the Joker

A little acid never hurt anybody

Yeah, I know.  Sounds delicious.

The idea is you put it on the ulcer for only 5 seconds and it cauterizes the wound, then you rinse it out and that’s it.  The ulcer is supposed to heal in the next day or so.  Sounds too good to be true.  Like most canker sore remedies.

But I gave it a shot this morning.  I was warned that it would sting really bad (sulfuric acid on an ulcer – you don’t say…), but it honestly didn’t hurt much worse than anything else I’ve ever put on an ulcer.  It turned white immediately and the pain was definitely less afterward.  We’ll see if it actually goes away.

Debacterol is only available by prescription.

Anybody else used this little acid concoction?  Let me know your experiences!

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