Epic Fail – Aphthasol

My latest round of ulcers has seemingly cleared up – thankfully – and I can give the full report on the last experiment with Aphthasol.  The “too long, didn’t read” version…

It sucked.

Aphthasol for canker sores

Don’t believe the hype.

As I wrote before, Aphthasol is a prescription paste that contains Amlexanox as the active ingredient.  I’d read that several studies have shown that amlexanox helps reduce the length of the ulcers by 30%.  I had tried it once before and didn’t quite see the difference I was hoping for, but thought I’d try it again just for good measure.  The result was the same.

I had a breakout of three ulcers on the 3rd of August and began treating them with Aphthasol.  Two of them went away fairly quickly while one stuck around and became the “big baddie,” a phenomenon that is not uncommon with me.  I continued medicating the bad one 4x a day throughout the life cycle, which ended on the 11th.

So, the ulcer lasted 8 days while being medicated with Aphthasol.  Not significantly shorter by any means.  Generally I expect them to go away between 7-10 days.

Ryan Reynolds fat

Ryan Reynolds on amlexanox

But here’s the real kicker.  While I was using this medication, the inflammation and pain were FAR WORSE than normal.  It is seriously the only medicine I’ve ever used that actually made the ulcer hurt worse.  Especially in the morning, I woke up barely able to talk or eat breakfast.  I’ve used many treatments over the years and I’ve never experienced one that actually made the pain and inflammation worse.

Reading about amlexanox, it’s described as an anti-allergy medication.  So maybe it helped people in the clinical trials because some people’s ulcers are allergy-based.  Or maybe the clinical trials were all BS.

I dunno.  I know I’m a clinical trial of one, so take this with a grain of salt, but my advice would be to avoid Aphthasol.  If it shortens the length of ulcers at all, it’s not worth the increased pain.

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