I was right… Sort of.

I made a prediction last week about a sore that had appeared on my lip from a small cut.  I said that I thought the ulcer – even though it had just shown up – would clear up by Saturday.  Why Saturday?  Because the tracking that I’ve done over the years has shown that my RAS tends to come and go in cycles.  No matter how many ulcers I get, they all happen in “on cycles” and then go away on what I call “off cycles”.  The cycles tend to last 10 days, and the cycle I was in had started on the 3rd.

Hence, the end of the cycle on the 10th.making a prediction on an ulcer

So is the ulcer gone?  Well… no.

But it is going.

So maybe my prediction that the ulcer would completely dry up was a bit optimistic.  But, the inflammation and pain have gone down significantly, which clears the way for healing.  Inflammation is everything.  When the inflammation goes down, the ulcer quickly goes away.  In this case, the inflammation is going away, which means that the cycle is ending.

I was sort-of right.

Of course, the only way to know if I’m truly going into an off-cycle is if this ulcer passes and I don’t get any more for a while.  Time will tell.

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