Want to stop ulcers? START smoking!

Don’t blink, you read that correctly.

It’s funny the things you run across when doing research.  I ran across a document from the Journal of the American Dental Association that actually says that smoking can actually help stop canker sores:

Patients suffering from RAS usually are nonsmokers, and there is a lower prevalence and severity of RAS among heavy smokers as opposed to moderate smokers. Some patients report an onset of RAS after smoking cessation, while others report control on reinitiation of smoking. The use of smokeless tobacco also is associated with a significantly lower prevalence of RAS. Nicotine-containing tablets also appear to control the frequency of RAS.

So, in English…

Smoking hundreds of cigarettes


Smokers get canker sores less than non-smokers.  Heavy smokers actually get even less than light smokers.  People who stopped smoking have suddenly started getting ulcers, which stopped when they started smoking again.

Seriously.  WOW.

Now, clearly going out and developing a smoking habit is not the answer.  Although one could joke that the stress from quitting could have brought on the ulcers, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the nicotine, because it says that nicotine “tablets” (whatever the hell those are) appear to control it, too.

I’m tempted to go out and buy some nicotine gum.  The bigger question, though, is what is it chemically in nicotine that is reacting with the body to keep it from creating canker sores?

Things to ponder…

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