Home remedies

In my 35 years of having canker sores, I’ve tried just about everything to relieve the pain and reduce the number.  All of which I’ll be discussing on the blog, but there are a lot of [...]


Tracking is a must

There’s a certain type of person who tracks and records everything they eat and every pill they take, every workout they perform, etc.  Some would call them meticulous.  Some [...]


Should you be reading this?

Before I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of words on this blog discussing this fun little condition, I feel that I should start things off by defining what it is we’re talking about.  [...]


This is The Cankerboy Chronicles

This is the inaugural post of my blog, The Cankerboy Chronicles, perhaps the first blog and website dedicated to joy and pain (mostly pain) of living with canker sores. You know how people always [...]